how cute is Debby

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I hate playing “never have I ever” because I’m a fucking slut

I hate playing “never have I ever” because I’m a fucking virgin

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why do people have like 74973 different names for these


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I went to go workout and I burned like 380 something calories god bless. I better be sore tomorrow. I’m so tired though. I’m gonna exfoliate my face tonight because I feel gross and sweaty. I was dripping sweat and it was actually gross. The only reason why I stuck to the elliptical is because my workout playlist kept playing really good songs and I kept saying I would stop when I hated the next song they would play and they kept playing good ass songs. AYYYYE GOOD FOR ME. 

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*applies for architecture job*

experience: building houses on the sims since 2001

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By the time I have kids they’re literally going to be buying air

fun fact: that “air” is nitrogen that keeps your chips fresh

Fun fact: there were three chips in that bag. Three.

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